DFW Educational Resources


DFW Educational Resources

We understand that choosing the right educa- tional option in a new city can be challenging, so we’ve  compiled plenty of  resources  to help. You’ll find a snapshot of the  major public school districts in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas within the Education section of Destination DFW – including a brief description of each district, number of students, number of schools by category, coverage area, average SAT/ACT scores, and student/ teacher ratio, where available, from the Texas Educa- tion Agency’s Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) data – which includes report cards for each school district.

For more information on the AEIS reports and how schools are rated in Texas, refer to the article in this section on  Educa-  tion in Texas: Understanding the School Rating System. We’ve also included sepa- rate sections with the 25 largest private schools, information about DFW area charter schools and higher education listings, as well as resources for homes- chooling and childcare.

Whatever your educational preference, you’ll soon discover that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has no shortage of quality, affordable options to give kids – and adults – the best learning experience possible.

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